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Welcome to Game Logic the online community of gamers. Here you can post forums, ask questions about the game you are playing, or just discuss anything with other people, and much more.  This site will offer more to the user which is you, if there are more users, so recommend this site to more people so we can have a better experience.

Join and start having some fun.
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New category of user the GL user that stands for gamelogic user.  To achieve this status of User you have to post 5 forum entries.  Being a GL User get rid of the ad bar at the top of the screen, and it  will unlock editing options like editing and deleting your threads, and much more including the use of HTML codes.  The use of HTML codes are needed to post flash games and posting certain things in this website. 

Thank you
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We are a brand new site and we would like some suggestions to make the site better, so post your suggestions here.

We would like you to join to make our community stronger and make the experience better.

Thanks again from gamelogic
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